Se vuoi entrare a far parte di un’azienda dinamica che si occupa di attività interessanti e diverse, un’azienda con un’atmosfera stimolante e con un team internazionale e multidisciplinare, ti stiamo aspettando!

Relocation/Immigration Trainee

Title Definition: Student, supports day to day operations and business management.


Reports To: Country Manager


Job Description: The Trainee in the Relocation Department functions in support of the Relocation team. Specific tasks performed include but are not limited to:

•             Attend assigned trainings

•             Assist field consultants with creating new home-finding, school- Finding and check-in reports

•             Assist field consultants with preparing and organizing orientation tours in different neighborhoods of Paris

•             Update information in ERES informational documents

•             Facilitate all types of utilities changes as requested by relocation team members

•             Search internet options for an expatriate as requested by country manager, account Manager or field consultant

•             Communicate with English-speaking expatriates

•             Administrative support as needed


Candidate Profile: The Trainee is a responsible, organized and self- motivated individual. Should be curious about other cultures and eager to learn as well as exhibit confident by sharing new ideas.




•             Fluent in English and French

•             Perfect computer skills

•             Knowledge of Paris and French administration systems in a plus

•             Experience of living abroad/knowledge of other languages is a plus

•             Must be enrolled in an accredited college/university


6 months full time internship (35 hours per week). Legal allowance per month + 50% refund of metro pass Navigo

Relocation Trainee


Assistance to different departments:

Assistance with uploading of external expenses to be invoiced 

Assistance with filing of supplier, field consultant and any other invoice

Operations department

Assistance with updating of assignee data in ReloTracker

Search for properties via web portals and estate agents (house hunting)

Organize property and school visits (property visit program)

Arrangement of appointments for immigration processes in Barcelona (NIE)

Work with utility companies to implement and cancel contracts and handle queries

Occasionally register assignees at the town hall (empadronamiento)

Preparation of cancellation letters to landlords

Research on specific assignee needs such as ex patriate organizations, parking, free time activities, events, language schools, bicing etc.

Sales and marketing department

Putting together sales presentations (PPT)

Assistance to the Management Team to prepare graphic display of sales results


Sending of letters and documents from post office

Arrangement of courier services 

Pick up and drop off various documents around Barcelona (estate agencies, authorizations, notary, etc.)

Help in the communication and organization of the ERES Social Club event (send out invitations through a mailing list, manage the answers and attendance list, decorations, etc.)

Assistance with organisation travel itineraries and bookings for the directors (hotels, transports)

Reception cover (welcoming of guests into the office when the receptionist is not there)


Well organized, methodical and efficient

Service focused.

Highly developed communication skills

Client focussed and enthusiastic


Strong personal commitment and the ability to handle stress

Interest in dealing with different cultures


University degree

English, Spanish + one other language is a plus

Field Consultant, Italy

Posizione: Field Consultant.

Città: Milano, Roma, Napoles

Descrizione: Professionista freelance responsabile del coordinamento e dell’esecuzione dei servizi sul campo (in accompagnamento o meno del dipendente).

Riferisce a: Responsabile Ufficio, Milano

Job Description: Il ruolo del Field Consultant è di operatore sul campo, in coordinamento con l’ufficio, al fine di svolgere servizi di Relocation e/o Immigration. In molti casi i servizi saranno in accompagnamento con il cliente espatriato, ad esempio: visite immobili, tour delle scuole, appuntamenti presso uffici pubblici / governativi. I compiti specifici includono inoltre: • Gestire una ricerca casa secondo le richieste e preferenze dell’espatriato e del cliente • Organizzare un itinerario di visite (visita degli immobili, vista delle scuole, tour di orientamento della zona) •Accompagnare il cliente e gestire l’itinerario • Assistere il cliente nella proposta di locazione e nella negoziazione delle condizioni contratturali • Assistenza alla firma del contratto di affitto • Gestione e redazione di un report di check-in • Gestione delle chiusure alla partenza • Assistenza all’iscrizione alle scuole • Mandare un aggiornamento costante al Responsabile di Ufficio.

Profilo del candidato: Il ruolo di Field Consultant prevede un contatto personale e diretto con l’espatriato. Il Field Consultant è considerato il “volto” dell’azienda da parte del cliente. Data la natura del ruolo, il Field Consultant si troverà spesso a doversi spostare da un appuntamento all’altro all’interno della città, confrontandosi con diverse realtà burocratiche e culturali. Il candidato ideale per la posizione è positivo e predisposto ad aiutare gli altri, è sicuro di sé e sa gestire lo stress professionalmente; è una persona comunicativa e soprattutto empatica che comprenda e rispetti le opinioni altrui.

Requisiti: • Bilingue – Italiano eccellente e Inglese fluente (parlato e scritto)

Condizioni: • Freelance


Field Consultant, Portugal

Job Title: Field Consultant.

Title Definition: Freelance professionals who are responsible for coordination and execution of service delivery on the field (with or without expatriate employee).

Reports To: Country Manager, Portugal

Job Description:

A Field Consultant functions in support of the Account Manager and more broadly the Operations team. The Field Consultant’s main function is to operate on the field in coordination with office staff in order to deliver services related to Relocation and/or Immigration cases. In many instances accompanying the “expatriate employee” to various site visits, such as rental property visits, school-tour visits, appointments at government agencies’ offices and serving as an interpreter or power of authority on behalf of the expatriate employee. Specific tasks performed include but are not limited to:

Conduct rental property searches according to client and expatriate employee’s requirements and preferences

Manage expatriate employee expectations with regards to properties and third parties

Organizing visits itinerary (rental property, school visits, local area orientation)

Accompanying the client and managing the itinerary

Assisting client to make offer and negotiate property lease contract

Assisting in the lease signing

Manage check-in inspection

Manage Departure services

Assisting with school registrations

Assisting with registration procedures

Updating of client database profile (ReloTracker)

Prepare and deliver accurate service invoicing incl. expense information and timings

Attend assigned trainings

Regular reporting to responsible Account Manager on case progress

Candidate Profile:

The work of a Field Consultant is invaluable because of the personal and direct contact he or she will have with our clients and their expatriate employees. The Field Consultant is often considered the “face” of ERES. Due to the nature of the role, the Field Consultant will often find him or herself moving through the city from appointment to appointment, navigating many bureaucratic and cross-cultural challenges. An ideal candidate for this role is someone who possess a positive and helpful disposition, someone who is confident and able handle stress professionally. Truly an effective communicator. Above all else, the ERES Field Consultant should be a people-person; sensitive and respectful of others’ perspectives.

Nice to have but not required:

University Degree, preferably in Tech/IT related field

Fluency in other languages such as German, French Requirements:

Bilingual – excellent Portuguese and English fluency (spoken and written)

Conditions: • Freelance

Se pensi di poter essere una risorsa per Eres Relocation Consulting non esitare a contattarci.

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